Mercedes EQS is the Most Luxurious Electric Car and it's Not Even Close... 

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The Mercedes EQS takes the electric car to another level.
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May 3, 2021




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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 8 days ago
You thought this was luxurious...? Try this 😂 - uslift.info/one/Zay8q9CQvIlkp5I/video.html
@INSPIRING PERSON what are you replying to? im confused.
OwnItG 4F
OwnItG 4F 2 days ago
Garbage airtag by apple.
Kylen Ezequiel
Kylen Ezequiel 2 days ago
@Ishaan Jefferson yup, I have been using flixzone for months myself =)
Ishaan Jefferson
Ishaan Jefferson 2 days ago
A trick : you can watch series on flixzone. Been using it for watching lots of of movies recently.
Andris Ukstin
Andris Ukstin 2 days ago
@Kolos Kilyénfalvi dbebehgg
Kana 15
Kana 15 6 hours ago
Bruh the customisation in this car is same as customising a character in sims
Josue Barcenas
Josue Barcenas 6 hours ago
On a dark night...moving through the city like that. That was poetic 😎
Imjustsaying 45
Imjustsaying 45 6 hours ago
Open the hood Sir !
juan camaney
juan camaney 6 hours ago
PercussionNow 6 hours ago
Luxury my ass lmao, cheap LED lighting that hurts the eye, laggy ass screen, low def screens, cheap looking chrome everywhere, Corolla inspired shape, tiny ass range, slow? Where is the luxury hiding?
jewels davies
jewels davies 6 hours ago
It's a car, not a lounge what does it drive like?
Mr J
Mr J 6 hours ago
If a Telsa model 3 and a Honda Civic made a baby
Port Corner
Port Corner 7 hours ago
really, honestly, this is becoming silly.
Creative Coder
Creative Coder 7 hours ago
Coming from Mercedes I expect better exterior design. Car can easily be mistaken with a one of the most recent Toyota Corolla
Tony Bland
Tony Bland 7 hours ago
Am I the only one who hates the Las Vegas lights look? What happened to "ambient" lighting? It looks cheap to me. And the front end looks like a 2013 Honda Odyssey. This car is a disappointment compared to the Vision EQS Concept.
zuldo 7 hours ago
finally we get RGB cars
MIKES 8 hours ago
Who else scanned the QR code? 😁
Ronny Van Tongelen
Ronny Van Tongelen 8 hours ago
Why electric cars need to look like the next iteration of the NCC-1701 is beyond me. But the white socks...
The Full Spectral Method
Tesla: We build the most exciting and fancy electric cars! Mercedes Benz: Hold my beer!
DragonBusa 8 hours ago
at speed x1.5 review is excellent
TheMadmax0609 9 hours ago
Very nice, but this car will be worth half as much in 3 years. 😎
ThinkerOnTheBus 9 hours ago
Not even five seconds into the video, I already desperately want one . . . knowing I will never be able to afford one! I know I will be in the market for an electric car soon, and I'm keeping my options open, although I've been leaning a little towards a Lucid Air, I still need to give them more time to see how these first models do, the types of praise and complaints owners will have, what type of issues may be common. When it comes to new technology, or a new technological company, I will never buy the first run of any model. There exists too high of a probability for it to have issues. I will be lucky if I can afford the model of Lucid Air I would prefer, but this Mercedes-Benz EQS, I could just sit in my garage with the dashboard lit up and be more than content! That alone is ridiculous to base for buying such a vehicle, but it's not like I will be able to afford one regardless. I am hoping that when I discover all the specs of this vehicle, there will be multiple specs that I feel do not meet my needs or my preference, or perhaps they may be too inferior for the amount of money the vehicle costs . . . just so I can have some justification for why the vehicle is not worth its price.
Eyze 9 hours ago
This studio legit looks like the garage in gta
Sean S
Sean S 9 hours ago
Amazing interior but questionable exterior design...
jon Ely
jon Ely 9 hours ago
Jeeze that car is sexy as hell
Faiz Khan
Faiz Khan 10 hours ago
Lucid will compete with these beast
George Ellis
George Ellis 10 hours ago
Next big crypto to take of is going to be ankr people need to know about this
Person 10 hours ago
don't tell me the price :( 200k?
Person 10 hours ago
You def so good you need to start driving them outside the studio. You are great, man!
Mane Volent
Mane Volent 10 hours ago
track id!?
152mk 10 hours ago
Stick to reviewing phones you tech nerd, a lot of these features have been in mercs for a while
gabrielirlanda 10 hours ago
The body doesn't look Mercedes to me, it looks more an evolution of the Honda Civic.
Ивайло Асенов
Dan 10 hours ago
Cheap 60/40 non motorized fold down seats?? On ultra luxury? NO! Bad mercedes
JR Langdon
JR Langdon 10 hours ago
What an amazing car wow I want one
Danny Bartlett
Danny Bartlett 11 hours ago
Shame its electric 😂😂
O Cruz
O Cruz 11 hours ago
Who told Lew to put his socks like that. You're not cool bro
Moroccan Rebel
Moroccan Rebel 11 hours ago
nothing matters nowadays but the baterries!
Nick Hirschmann
Nick Hirschmann 11 hours ago
schwarzedition 11 hours ago
이건 박스가 없을 텐데
OCTAGON 009 11 hours ago
When did mercedes get so ricey
GOD 11 hours ago
RGB heaven or hell?
George Baloi
George Baloi 12 hours ago
Can it run doom, just asking?
Baws Nitti
Baws Nitti 12 hours ago
Horrible referee Could've gotten hurt bad
Nervdon Orgon
Nervdon Orgon 12 hours ago
This car looks terrible, inside and out. Like an Eggshaped UFO with one of those Cockpits, an early 2000s Hollywood movie pictures as futuristic.
Matteo Tortello
Matteo Tortello 12 hours ago
Marty 12 hours ago
Lew was def paid for this, you can tell if he criticizes it or not.
Marty 12 hours ago
Why does the UI look like iOS 6 or the ps2
Marty 12 hours ago
I like me a Tesla
ZIKAZIKA 12 hours ago
He so violent with anything that require mechanic force 😂
CB 13 hours ago
Some of the design elements are pretty interesting, but overall I find this arcade game car tacky as hell.
Papuc Sorin
Papuc Sorin 13 hours ago
Lucid killed?
BTRADING 13 hours ago
elon musk: lets make a cool electric car it would be american and would reignite american cars to the world mercedes: hold my strudle
David Marquez
David Marquez 13 hours ago
It's like being inside a gamer's LED Galore computer. LOL
István Petrovics
István Petrovics 13 hours ago
Die S Klasse always the best...
Shogo 昇剛
Shogo 昇剛 13 hours ago
He was so hyped, but that is one ugly front, specially with that camera on the emblem.
Timothy Chen
Timothy Chen 14 hours ago
feels so expansive if it has accident. :(
Jordan Joestar
Jordan Joestar 14 hours ago
We call this interior package "Migraine Machine"
Matt 23:4
Matt 23:4 14 hours ago
Seems that Tesla is the only company that has perfected the front grill on a EC? This grill looks cheap. MB couldn't design a plastic MB looking mesh?
Nayankumar 14 hours ago
It's outdated here in India 🇮🇳 here we have something futuristic which is Nexon EV Google it🙏
Justin X
Justin X 6 hours ago
I think India has bigger problems rn lol. You guys can’t even get o2
TLDR Infographics
TLDR Infographics 14 hours ago
Looks like Honda Jazz at the front
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 14 hours ago
German cars are always built Nicely.
Dishant 15 hours ago
Mercedes : Let's spend all our R&D budget on youtubers in marketing. Even we have not innovated since first made car was made.😁
Monroe 15 hours ago
All this and it'll probably be cheaper than the plaid model S.
Adam 16 hours ago
I’m sorry but it’s hideous. All of the small details and aesthetics are gorgeous, and then the overall shape is hideous.
Hakun Kamminga
Hakun Kamminga 16 hours ago
like stepping into a french bordello
Jiffy Thefox
Jiffy Thefox 16 hours ago
All fun and games until you get robbed ;(
C SMITH 16 hours ago
The New Ev's I'm starting to think instead of hearing (at the track) "How much Horse Power, What kind of Pistons, Port & Polished Heads / exhaust ".etc.... Sadly i can hear "hey whats your c/d: drag coefficient.... or "What kind of Battery's you got in this thing.... " blahhh blah... lol
Firoz Mohsin
Firoz Mohsin 16 hours ago
To buy this you should be both Rich And Educated
SOMANEA Fast Food 17 hours ago
I like This Car!
Richard Nicolas
Richard Nicolas 17 hours ago
Good bye tesla ceo tesla you will never reach Mercedes-Benz level.
C SMITH 17 hours ago
0:15 vivrant thing .....Q-Tip - Vivrant Thing...Ah Ea'ah Eah Eah Ea'ah Ea'ah .........
Jerdog Eeee
Jerdog Eeee 17 hours ago
On the outside it looks like a shiny new Honda Accord
octane 18 hours ago
they so stuck into combustion engines they made a fake grill for a radiator... thats dumb af
kinimod07 18 hours ago
totally crazy... totally bad taste...
kemalthenics 18 hours ago
great interior BUT front of the car looks like car called citroen picasso,just check and you'll see
LightYears Away
LightYears Away 19 hours ago
Nico 20 hours ago
The front looks like a 9th generation honda civic. I get it no engine... but why this?
Nicky Young
Nicky Young 20 hours ago
it just make me feels like "future"
I am Kartik
I am Kartik 20 hours ago
Rolls Royce : can close doors with holding buttons Mercedes : Hold My automatic door lock-unlock option
I am Kartik
I am Kartik 20 hours ago
12:20 When parents go out by saying take care of your younger brother , my evil laughter after they are gone
MD C 22 hours ago
You know some viewers are like: I still love my Toyota! 😆
Teddy W Gardner
Teddy W Gardner 22 hours ago
Bro this car charges to 80% fatser than my damn phone 🤣
Unai Gonzalez
Unai Gonzalez 22 hours ago
Que feo es por fuera! Que le corten la mano al diseñador 🤦🏻‍♂️😒, por dentro es…demasiadas luces parece camión de Mexico…🤨
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 21 hour ago
I’m not a fan of the exterior design it looks wayyy to plain
Yash Fulpagare
Yash Fulpagare 22 hours ago
Hamzah Teli
Hamzah Teli 22 hours ago
The exterior is garbage... looks like a jelly bean
D A N B O 22 hours ago
Will there be a maybach version is the question
Wolfdog 22 hours ago
A real Mercedes all engineer no bullshit
I am Kartik
I am Kartik 22 hours ago
Impossible to get a heart from Lew
Asparoth 22 hours ago
Haven't watched you in 2 years. Production quality went through the fucking roof.
EKDUM detail m
EKDUM detail m 23 hours ago
What's wrong with left tail light?
Adrian 23 hours ago
Luxurious or peacock? Does luxurious mean shiny surfaces and bilions of little colored lights? That's a peacock.
XxPeter55xX 23 hours ago
cant wait to get this on offerup for 5k in 20 years
Scorpio Lex
Scorpio Lex 23 hours ago
I would like to see how somebody park on a narrow parking space with this car and the doors are opening on a full width Haha
Mo Benz
Mo Benz Day ago
Tesla who
Niem Nguyen
Niem Nguyen Day ago
nice interior. But like MKBHD said, software is pretty crappy.
diya Day ago
can't wait till I get one of these
Jupiter Eye
Jupiter Eye Day ago
The amount of wasted energy on lighting and gadgetry. This is a pussy car... a car where you are in for a club experience. This is not a ride, this is a club on wheels.
The Milkman
The Milkman Day ago
I’m not a fan of the exterior design it looks wayyy to plain
Davey Pham
Davey Pham Day ago
Does he talk about the performance / mileage the things that matter?
Ardit Dafku
Ardit Dafku Day ago
Honestly too much tech that can go wrong during the time you drive it.
ThySser Day ago
all that to just get totaled by a honda civic :(
H. A.
H. A. Day ago
99.99% watching you won't even afford this car !
Andrewkc1969 Day ago
The incredibly wide angle lense you are using in this video distorts all the views, so you really can't get an idea of what this really looks like. Oh, and to complete your look, you should really be wearing sandles with those socks.